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A.V. Vitlin

Birth Date: 01/12/2002

1845 - 1930, Harbin Jewish Cemetery

A.V. Vitlin (А.В. Витлин) was born in 1845. He received a strict Jewish education under the tutelage of his father and Ilya Grigorevich Orshansky. He also studied physics, mathematics, chemistry and prepared to study law. His father objected to his secular studies afraid that vitlin would leave the faith. He arranged a marriage at an early age, thereby thwarting Vitlin's plans.
After his marriage Vitlin settled in Ekatrinnoslav, where he worked as a photographer and then owned a large printing business.
Vitlin was active both socially and commercially. Under his guidance the Mutual Credit Bank and a religious school was established. 
After the pogroms of the 1880s Vitlin left Ekatrinnoslav for  Nikkolsky Ussuriskom where his wife died in 1918. Vitlin moved to Harbin in 1919 where he lived until his death. He was active in the Jewish Life.
Vitlin was extremely knowledgeable in philosophy , literature and economics. He spoke several languages. Vitlin was active in the Talmud Torah in Harbin and contributed to "Our Life" newspaper.