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Quiqihar as the other stations on the CER drew a small Jewish population. Little is known today of the activities of the Jews other than they were either employees of the CER or traders (furs, purveyors to the CER etc)

Such records as existed were described in the Jewish Life.

The Jewish community was founded in 1907 and consisted of 7 families (20 persons) headed by A.I Kuchmar and L.Y Leibson (А.И.Кучмар & Л.Я.Либсон)

In 1908 the community purchased from M. Meizerov a Torah for 350 rubles. In October of that year the community celebrated "Sium Hatorah" with Jews from Quiqihar and the Fuliardi station.

In the same year a Shochet named Teilis (Тейлис) was engaged. He also served as a teacher. He had 8 younger students he taught at his flat. He taught the older children in their homes.

The home of L..Y  Leibson (Л.Я.Либсон) served as a meeting place on all holidays.

By 1916 the community managed to acquire a house for 3000 rubles to be used as a synagogue with monies donated by prominent members of the community. It was noted that IM Berkovich (И.М.Беркович) donated 700 rubles
Z. I Zirulsky (З.И.Цирульский) - 300 rubles
The balance was collected from others

Around 1927 the school was taught by the shochet E. Slutzker (З.Слуцкер). The school consisted of 12 children of both sexes.

Towards the end of the thirties only 2 or 3 families remained in Qiqihar.

A cemetery was established in 1918. Towards the end of the Jewish presence in Qiqihar in the thirties 12 Jews were buried there.

The communal life continued till about 1940. it is known that the Quiqihar community sent delegations to the conferences on the Jewish communities in the Far East in 1937,1938,1939. 
One assumes that the last Jews departed in the 40's