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Accessibility Statement


To All our Readers

In keeping with the need to conserve our environment and going green, we have decided to transfer the newsletter to our website. The advantages of doing so are that the articles will be more current, and our readers can access the site at any time and not wait for the printed version to that is usually attached to the main Bulletin, which will be printed twice a year.

We hope that you will find this change beneficial and look forward to your comments


Mission statement

Association number 580209260 - Israel-China Friendship Society

  1. The association is closely associated Igud Yotzei Sin in Israel (the Association of  former Residents of China in Israel) and is registered as a nonprofit organization.
  2. To organize and maintain cultural exchanges between China and Israel.
  3. To maintain relations between China and Israel.
  4. To render assistance to Chinese delegations visiting Israel for non commercial purposes.
  5. To maintain close relations with the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Israel in the field of cultural exchanges.
  6. All activities to be carried out by volunteers who do not receive any remuneration.