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Some records existed of the Hailar community. The events from 1900-1935 were either taken from archival records in Harbin, documented and described in the Jewish Life new paper and also from personal interviews by that paper. No records were found after 1928. It is safe to assume that the community or at least the Jewish presence remained one form or another until the end of the Second World war

The first Jews likely arrived in Hailar before 1900 but Mr. R.B. Grigerman, who arrived in Hailar in 1900 found only a few Jews employed by trading firms residing there (according to him not enough for a Minyan).

The Nerchinsky Reserve Battalion arrives in Hailar in 1900 or 1901 (Нерчинский резервный батальон). Several Jewish servicemen were part of the battalion. These servicemen brought a Sefer Torah with them
This year prayers were held in the officers mess, located in the old city.

The presence of the reserves Battalion must have attracted additional Jewish business men. The Jewish presence population of Hailar starts to increase. At about the same time the Battalion is ordered out of Hailar. The Jewish servicemen leave the torah with the community. By 1907 the Jewish population. Although the Community was not officially registered anywhere, the gathering of a Minyan posed no difficulty and  Community commences seeking a premises for a permanent place of prayer and a place the meetings of the community

Archival records show (these records are now lost and the information is taken from the Jewish Life) that in 1909 a building was procured from a Mr. Rif (Риф.). and used both as a synagogue and meeting place. No records were found to indicate that of this date the Community was formally registered, and it appears that the Community existed de-facto but not de-jure

Much later on the 17th of April 1914, a protocol was found that a meeting of 34 persons met and elected A.B. Schneider (Шнейдер А.Б)  A. D. Bulger (Булгер А.Г) and A.B Grigerman (Григерман А.Б) to present the document of formation of the community to the management of the CER. These documents also confirm that the above three persons would manage the affairs of the community for one year from the date of its formalization. A petition was made through the Chief of the first Section of the political section of the CER requesting the Manager of the CER to confirm of the Community. Unfortunately dated records could not be found, but a CER civil affairs document # 2627 dated the 1st of February 1915, mentions that on 15 December 1914 the Hailar Jewish Spiritual Community (Хайларской Еврейского Духовного Общества) was approved by the Chief of the CER.

The following three persons were elected at the same meeting:

A.B. Schneider (Шнейдер А.Б)   - As the Gabbai
A.B Grigerman (Григерман А.Б)  I As the Treasurer and
Z. B. Levitin (З.Б.Левитан ) -   as the learned Jew
Mr. Grigory Michaelovich Varshavsky (Григорий Михайлович Варшавский), who was most generous in his support of the community served as its President until 1932, when he left for Harbin. His place was taken on a temporary basis by Lev Borisovich Levitin (Лев Борисович Левитан) who convened the required annual meetings. This meeting was held on the 19th of August 1934. The following members were elected to the committee

A.B. Levitin (Лев Борисович Левитан) - President
M.L. Indikov (М.Л.Индиков) - Substitute President
A.B Grigerman (Григерман А.Б - Treasurer
A.Y Raitsin  (А.Я.Райцын) - Secretary 
I. B Varshavsky (И.В.Варшавский) - committee member
D. I Binder (Д.И.Биндер) - committee member
A. L Firsov (А.Л.Фирсов) - Committee member 
And in the role of the "learned Jew" Mr. N.C Labkovsky (Н.С.Лабковский) was elected
Mr. D. I Binder (D. I Binder (Д.И.Биндер), was head of the burial society
( חברה קדישא)
It was noted that Mr. Binder devoted much time and effort to his elected duties, in addition to which he also served and the synagogues Gabbay

With the departure of several member of the community new election were held on the 25th of Septenmber 1935 and Mr. I. B Varshavsky (И.В.Варшавский) was elected President, which post he held to the end of the days  of the community in Hailar

It is interesting to note that even is a small community the services of an Arbitration Court was required as well as a Benevolent Society. The Arbitration court was made up of members of the community that settled disputes. These courts of Arbitration were made up of three members and in more complex cases of 5 members. By mutual consent the findings of the Arbitration Courts were final. These courts were especially important during the war years when community members in dispute were not willing to submit themselves to the jurisdiction of local or Japanese courts. These institution were called Mishpat Haborrerim 
(משפט הבוררים)  or in Russian - Мишпат Габоррим - (Третейский суд)

Records show that on 1 January 1935 The Hailar community consisted of 48 Jewish families (185 persons). Towards the end of the recorded period 43 families remained of which (heads of families) of which

30 Businessmen
2 Technical persons
2 Employees
7 Household keepers
2 Deliverers (?)

In addition to the building used as a synagogue the community came into the possession of an empty plot of donated by the city. The intention was to construct a synagogue on that site. Mr. A. L Firsov (А.Л.Фирсов) was elected to serve as the liaison between the city council and the community.

A Jewish school existed from 1920-1927. A budget of 2-3 rubles annually kept the school inn operation. When in 1928 the budget was withdrawn, the school closed and never did reopen.