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Transcripts of talks given by guest speakers - The International Seminar on Jewish History

Transcripts of talks given by guest speakers - The International Seminar on Jewish History

Charitable acitvities of the Jewish Community of Harbin

It is difficult to imagine how the refugees escaping the pogroms and hardships of Czarist Russia could have survived without the active help of the Jewish charities in Harbin. These ranged from free soup kitchens to the hospital which provided free medical care to those in need regardless of whther they were Jewish. Prof. Romanova has outlined these activites.

Contribution of the Jews to the cultural and musical life of Harbin in the 1930s and 40s

Contribution of the Jews to the cultural and musical life of Harbin in the 1930s and 40s

From Talmud Torah in Harbin to the Israel Aca

Personal Reminiscences, by Prof. Hayim Tadmor. A stroll down memeory lane by a scholar who came to Israel achieved academic fame.

Gero Krichevsky

Who was Gero Krichevsky? He was a representative of the Jewish Zionist Fund and the World Jewish Zionist Organization, and also one of the leaders of Palestine.
When Gero arrived in Harbin on Mary 27, 1928, 'Morning Glow' (Заря), paper of the Democrats in Harbin, reported his arrival and published an introduction of his life with a peaceful and friendly tone.

Harbin, Singapore and Manila

Prof. jonathan Goldstein is a Professor at the State University of Gerogia
The Jews of East and Southeast Asia resemble their European counterparts in one fundamental respect: both continents contain multitudes of geographically, linguistically, ethnically, and theologically diverse Jewish diasporas. In an attempt to generalize about the history of sixteenth to twentieth century Sephardi and Italian Jews living in Atlantic and Mediterranean seaports, historian David Sorkin advanced the concept

My family and its city: Fifty years in Harbin

Dr. Moustafine, the author of Secrets and Spies describes her life and family in Harbin.

My Studies at the HPI and work for the Chinese Chanchun Railroad

By Galya Katz (Volobrinsky)-Gaotzi Li, Mechanical Engineer
Harbin - my city, the first one I remember. I lived there. I grew there. I ripened there. I studied
there, and all my achievements I owe to her. It was a fountainhead of culture and art, of trade and industry, of initiative and venture and inspiration. A fusion of Confucius and Marx. A pledge of life, full of content and exuberance...It stands there more than a hundred years - a crossroad of a mighty waterway and a long road forged in
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Rabbi A.M. Kiselev and the religious life of the Jews of Harbin

Rabbi Kiselev was perhaps the person most responsible in bringing Judaism to the Jews of Harbin.

Reviving the Case of Caspè

Simon Caspè, son of a wealthy jeweler of Jewish origin from central Harbin, a young man on his way to a brilliant musical career after finishing his studies at the Paris Conservatorium, returned to Harbin, and was kidnapped by a gang of bandits. Those are the known facts, which were reported and written by the press, the historians, and the witnesses from that period. The interpretation of the facts changes, however, when the motives for this despicable crime, and the parties responsible for it,

The Fate of Harbin Jewish Community Under Japanese Occupation

Dr. Bowman explores the relations between the Japanese occupying authorities and those of the Jewish community during the World War II years, at a time when the Nazis (who were the allies of Japan) were pressing the Japanese to solve their Jewish question. It is to the eternal credit of Japan not to have acceeded to the German demands.

The German jews of Harbin, a haven in troubled times

The little known episode of German, as opposed to Jews of Russian Origin finding a haven in Harbin. The story of European refugees in World War II in Shanghai is well known. Prof. Rubinsohn tells the story of a group of German Jews finding shelter in Harbin during the war years.

The history and activity of the Association of Former Residents of China in Israel

Yossi Klein is the Deputy President of the Igud Yotzei Sin - The Association of Former Resident of China in Israel and the Deputy President of the Israel-China Friendship Association outlines the activity of both associations and the very valuable role these organisations play in the lives of the former resident of China living in Israel and abroad.

The Jewish Enterpreneurs in Machuria

Professor Grossman describes the "untold story" of the those Jews who kick started the economy of Manchuria

Zionism a national renaissance of the Harbin Jews

The resurgence of Zionism of the Harbin Jews in the early part of the 1900s by Teddy Kaufman, President of the Association of Former Residents of China in Israel and the President of the Israel China Friendship Association in Israel.
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