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A personal journey through life by Abe Fradkin

A copy of his book can be had/seen by contacting the author at +972 (3) 6419336

The Tiny Island of Russian Jews

Prof. Victoria Romanova The history of the Jewish community of Harbin is unique. As Prof. J. Goldstein worded it, it was a tiny island of Russian Jews outside the borders of Russia. The community existed for just a few decades, during the critical years of world history, which could not but be reflected in its life. But, despite the political storms and shocks, that community persisted as an independent and self-sufficient organization, supplying its members with the necessary support and assistance. Its input into the

The Covenant and the Mandate of Heaven: An in-depth Comparative Cultural Study of Judaism and China. iUniverse 2008

Weisz, Tiberiu If China is yin there must be an opposing culture that matches her in endurance, sustainability and depth.
Is Judaism the yang of China?
What cultural bonds tied Judaism and China?

Israel and China, past, present and future.

Dr. Harry Triguboff