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The Covenant and the Mandate of Heaven: An in-depth Comparative Cultural Study of Judaism and China. iUniverse 2008

Weisz, Tiberiu
27 October, 2008

If China is yin there must be an opposing culture that matches her in endurance, sustainability and depth. 

Is Judaism the yang of China.

What cultural bonds tied Judaism and China?

Israel and China, past, present and future.

These are just some of the topics explored in this book in a historical setting: not Chinese nor Jewish, but Chinese AND Jewish. The book compares ancient and contemporary Chinese sources with corresponding Western literature to show that these two cultures balanced each other in a cultural relationship of YIN and YANG: one as a religion that deeply influenced Western cultures and the other in an opposing environment secluded, isolated and little understood by outsiders.

The book also presents China and Judaism through the eyes of the people who have faithfully followed their tenets since antiquity. Readers will see these two cultures in a new light: as two vibrant cultures tied by invisible bonds to survive and flourish to present day.


Reviewed in:

The Jewish Journal Boston North, September 25, 2008,