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1937 The first Far East Conference was held in December 1937

1938 The second Far East Conference was held in Harbin in December of that year

1939 The third Far East Conference was held in Harbin in 1939. The conference was secured by Betarim

1940 The fourth far East Conference was to be held in Dalien (Dairen) in 1940. The conference never took place as permission was not granted by the Japanese.

1941 Marked the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Weekly ''Jewish Life''

1942 Buckling under the pressure of the German Embassy in Tokyo, the Japanese authorities decided to close the Zionist publication ''Hadegel''.

1943 Again under the pressure of the German Embassy in Tokyo the Japanese authorities in Harbin closed the ''Jewish Life''

1945 With the end of World War II in sight the Soviet Army invades Manchuria. Harbin is occupied by the Red Army. The Soviet administration immediately sets about arresting prominent members of the Jewish Community. Officers of the counter intelligence agency ''SMERSH'' and arrested the head of the Jewish Community Dr. A. Kaufman, the treasurer Anatoly Orlovsky and the secretary Moshe Zimin. Consequently thousands of Harbin residents were arrested and sent to the Soviet Union, amongst them were 20 Jews.

All activities of Betar, WIZO, the Tel Hai Fund and other Jewish organizations were suspended.



Notwithstanding the presence of the Soviet Authorities in Harbin, Teddy Kaufman published an illegal paper that provided news of Israel.

1949. Rabbi Kiselev, the Chief Rabbi of Harbin and the Jewish Communities in the Far East died in Harbin.
The same year an illegal Jewish Committee was formed in Harbin. The committee was headed by:

Shlomo Spivak (representing the Zionist Movement)
Teddy Kaufman (Macabi)

Other members were:
Yacov Tandlet (representing Betar)
Pavel Shmushkovich (representing Macabi)
Boris Mirkin (representing Betar)
Vera Klein nee Rozin (representing Betar)

This year some of the committee members departed for Israel via Tianjin (Tientsin) and Shanghai

1951 to 1953 Immigration of Jews from Harbin to Israel

1958-1962. The Cemetary is moved from its old location to Huang Shan

1962 Saw the end of all the activites of the Jewish Community of Harbin.